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Student Support and School Ethos

We promote a caring, respecting and harmonious learning culture and atmosphere with our whole school approach toward education, counselling, all-round learning activities, student support, moral and civic education. We provide appropriate support to students with different needs and abilities in order to help them learn better. We also help them to set their own life-enriching personal goals so that they can become responsible, energetic and healthy persons.


Pupils’ responsibilities

Care for our health; Strengthen our bodies.
Be broad-minded; Be happy.
Try hard; Strive for excellent performance.
Show mutual respect; Be considerate.
Care for the aged; Be concerned for young people.
Be patriotic; Take pride in our nation.


‧Build a caring culture through “inclusive education”.
‧Be flexible in using the school allowances for school-based support services:

  • Capacity Enhancement Grant (CEG)
  • School-based Support Scheme
  • Learning Support Grant (LSG)
  • Cash Grant for School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
  • Enhanced Speech Therapy Grant (ESTG)

‧Special arrangements for assignments and assessment
‧Catering for individual differences through small class teaching
‧Catering for different abilities with the help of Teacher Assistants in the classrooms.
‧Sharing teaching experience with friends of our school.
‧Arranging teacher development programs -working toward our goal of having a well-trained team in inclusive education within 5-years.
‧Training workshops for teachers presented by educational psychologists and speech therapists.


  • Work with professional organizations to organize study groups for students with special educational needs

    - P.1 Bridging group
    - Social skills group
    - Intellectual growth group

  • Speech Therapists hold workshops for students
  • Conduct a wide range of talks for students on a regular basis
  •  “Student helper” and “Student Pioneers” training in order to promote peer learning


  • Organize regular meetings and lectures for parents to promote home-school cooperation in order to provide comprehensive care for students with individual needs
  • Educational psychologists and teachers hold meeting with parents for special support on regular basis
  • Strengthen communication and co-operation with parents by means of phone calls, meetings, school notices and through the school website
  • Speech Therapist hold training workshops for parents


Framework of Student Support and School Ethics

2019-2020 Counseling Coordinators and Disciplinary
Teachers for each form:


Coordinating Counselling Teachers

Primary 1

Miss Wong Lai Yin

Primary 2

Ms Fung Lai Sim

Primary 3

Mr Cheung Ching Ho

Primary 4

Mr Chan Ka Man

Primary 5

Mr Ngai Wun Kwan

Primary 6

Mr Lam Chi Hon



  1. All teachers are involved in student-counseling in order to guide students to become a responsible child.
  2. Help Teacher Counseling Coordinators to complete their duties

Basic policies

  1. The Counseling Coordinators are responsible to provide particular assistance for students regarding their emotional needs and behavioral adjustments.
  2. Assist other Counseling Coordinators in supporting group work
  3. Providing mutual support within the group

Operation Procedures

  1. Counseling Teacher Coordinators complete assigned tasks according to an annual check list.
  2. If the class teacher has already contacted the parents several times but no evidence of student’s improvement , the class teacher can refer the case to a Counseling Teacher Coordinator for further intervention.
  3. Keep in touch with the class teacher
  4. Support the counseling team and provide assistance with students' emotional needs.
  5. Review the cases, guidelines and policies of the group on a regular or necessary basis.
  6. Check Students Handbooks and “Words from my Heart”page.
  7. Develope and update the team’s duties.


Honour Again
Merit of ‘Award received for an Outstanding,
Caring School for Instilling Hope’

<<One of the top three being participating primary schools in Hong Kong>>

Our motto is: ‘No child will be left behind’. 
This motto is meant to create hope and show that we are concerned
about all our pupils’ development and talents. 
Our school facilitates enhancement of creativity. 
We also have a complete wireless network. 
These are supporting measures for a Culture of Hope. 
We encourage pupils of different cultures to join the activity:
‘Achieving your Dream’.  We herewith hope to develop pupils’ multi-intelligence;
help them plan a career; explore their potential and enhance parent- & school cooperation. 
Through this ‘Dream the Best’ Activity,
we hope to promote and share the ‘Hope Culture’ with the community.  



Awarded for being an ‘Outstanding Caring School for Promoting Harmony 2015’

Thank you to all our students, parents and teachers for your support. 
Together we managed to establish a harmonious and considerate school.

Introduction of the ‘Caring School Award Scheme’

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Telephone:2455 6111 Fax:2464 2990 Email: info@hosauki.edu.hk