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Student Conduct Assessment Policy

To help students to attain the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and to make the “ Student
Conduct Assessment Policy” more objective, we will continue to implement the “Student Conduct
Assessment Policy” this year.
Parents who are often concerned about their child’s behaviour, please take  more initiative and contact
the class teacher in order to cultivate the next generation in cooperation with the school. If you have any
comments on the“Student Conduct Assessment Policy”, please discuss with the in charge of the Student
Conduct Team and the principal.

School Prefect

In order to develop students’ leadership skill and mutual co-operation skill. In each academic year,
teachers from the School Conduct Team will appointed some potential students to become the member
of the School Prefect Team. 


Setting up classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

1. Purpose
  1.1 to make students aware of their rights and obligations in the classroom.
  1.2 to cultivate a spirit of self-governing and self-discipline.
  1.3 to enable students to comply with the classroom policy.




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