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Our School Band has been established fifteen years ago and has grown continuously.  The members include students from different ages as well as cross-border students. Every member is seriously involved in the band and the band received  favorable comments for several off-campus public performances. 
One of our former school band members, who has continued his training in music, and who has since graduated from our school,  informed us about having had a breakthrough in his music career by achieving a great success with his music talent.     
Motivations such as these, prompt us to strive for further progress. Through music we encourage pupils to live a beautiful life and inspire others to enjoy a happy life.

School Band Achievements

   We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Tommy Ho Chung Shing, the Managing Director of “Lucky Group”, his continued sponsorship and support provide our pupils with opportunities to learn how to play different musical instruments.  Through practice and participation in performances our pupils are given a learning platform and their horizons are broadened and enriched, helping them to  develop their full potential and enjoy every moment through music.




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