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Our teacher, Ms Yeung Yin Ping recieved a distinguished teaching award in 2018. Click on this link to listen to an interview regarding the award.

The relevant video of the interview:  https://www.facebook.com/hkfew/videos/653378055184836/


“Endless talking globally" is an article about a school principal whose heart is bound to students living in the mountains of China.

Mr. Lo Kong Fai, known as the Mountain Dog Principal is a fellow of Hong Kong University of Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sir Robert Black College of Education Past Student Association. The article about him was published in Ming Pao newspaper on 17th June 2019.
https://tdww.org.hk/2019/ 06/17/「談天說道」-心繫山區學童的山狗校長/


“Endless talking gobally” is about the Mountain Dog Principal who is heart bound to the students in the mountains.
Mr Lo Kong Fai, the Mountain Dog Principal, the Fellowship of the Education University of Hong Kong,
the Chairman of the Board of Director has been published in the newspaper, Ming Pao at 2019.06.17

https://tdww.org.hk/2019/ 06/17/「談天說道」-心繫山區學童的山狗校長/



感謝全校學生、家長及老師全力支持, 共建和諧關愛校園

Our school is featured in a full page report of the June 14 (2016) edition of the MingPao Daily.

Our school is featured in a full page report of the May 30 (2016) edition of the Sing Tao Daily.






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